The BAMTECH Platform

BAMTECH’s legacy was founded on building amazing technology to improve the baseball fan experience. Over the years BAMTECH has innovated in many areas from signal acquisition to high-quality video streams to creating compelling data overlays so fans can get even more out of the sports they love. BAMTECH is battle-tested and ready to go, on your behalf.
Unrivaled Video Quality
Video streaming is at our competitive core
The highest compliment BAMTECH can give the content we serve is crystal clear fidelity. BAMTECH was the first live streaming app in the Apple App Store, the first to stream in 60fps, and the first in 4K.
Worldwide Scale
Stand up an event that won't fall down
BAMTECH is ready when you get a rush at the turnstiles. Our infrastructure is scaled to support millions of viewers across thousands of events.
Effective Rights Management
Because your content is worth it.
Building a business around content requires secure streams and powerful access rules. BAMTECH can entitle customers based on their location, subscription or the content itself.
Flexible Commerce
Monetize at scale
Commerce that can process millions of transactions quickly enables myriad different OTT revenue models: SVOD, pay-per-view and TV anywhere.
Bring your own applications
BAMTECH has bundled platform services together to create a foundation for building amazing apps. Unite front-end and back-end teams while getting seamless upgrades to core platform services.
Powerful & Flexible CMS
Empower your people to publish their best content across your app and site constellation. Our purpose-built CMS provides content and digital asset management with myriad publishing options.
The Most Platforms & Devices
App development on over 20 platforms and 500+ devices.
Making content available on your terms means watching it on any device. We have built and published award winning apps on all the major streaming devices. From TV to watch and every screen in between.
Maximized Advertising
Increase revenue without decreasing engagement
We provide a complete solution from camera lens to phone screen and every point in between. Integrated services from video production to commerce to app design. Gathering the full stack under one roof provides opportunities for innovation and efficiency.
A safe harbor from pirates and bad actors
Protecting valuable content is our persistent goal. BAMTECH stays vigilant in reducing threat surface area and responding to changing attack vectors with reactive computing practices.

Tailor Our Team to yours

BAMTECH offers different engagements that best fit the project and partner needs. Match our experts and technology to best enhance your team's capabilities and strategy; be it a fully managed solution from lens to screen, or an integration with your existing system, or we can provide a platform for your product & app teams to build on.

Full end to end service

Create new content businesses & revenue streams from your content. We provide the production, streaming technology, app development, marketing and support – from lens to screen

Integrate with our platform

Design and build your own applications to run on our platform. Our SDK provides the tools your team needs to power your apps with the scale & support of our streaming tech.