Delivering Direct to Consumer video at scale

Our vision is to give fans the freedom to access content on their terms across any connected device, time or location.

BAMTECH is passionate about the high-quality experiences and monetization results we deliver for our customers, their audiences, and our fans. By driving technological innovations, BAMTECH aspires to become the leading distributor of direct-to-consumer live entertainment and the premier provider of video streaming solutions globally.

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Leading entertainment and sports brands turn to BAMTECH

BAMTECH and the NHL® formed an unprecedented partnership to license and monetize out-of-market broadcast rights and mine sports data.

WWE collaborated with BAMTECH to build the first 24/7 direct to consumer streaming service, offering WWE’s premium content live and on VOD. Together we launched WWE Network, which scales to millions of fans around the world.

The PGA TOUR and BAMTECH partnered together to unlock a new window of content never before available to fans. BAMTECH built an entirely new product called PGA TOUR LIVE enabling people to watch golf on their own terms.

Born into a post internet age, esports is the fastest growing sport in the world bringing with it exciting challenges and a passionate global fanbase. League of Legends is watched by more esports fans than any other game in history, and our BAMTECH Summoners are proud to partner with Riot to bring even more entertainment to audiences worldwide.


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