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Company Timeline

  • MLB Advanced Media was formed out of MLB.
  • MLB.TV live-streamed its first game: Texas Rangers v. NY Yankees; available free to anyone outside of participating teams’ broadcast territories.
  • MLB.TV launched a nine-game OTT subscription package for out-of-market pennant race games.
  • MLB.TV was offered for the entire season for the first time.
  • Patent awarded for GeoLocation
  • MLB Advanced Media launched its first 3rd party client build, supporting CBS’s March Madness.
  • Launch of AtBat - the first streaming video app in the iTunes store
  • First stream in 720p HD
  • First to use Apple’s HLS protocol with MLB app livestream
  • First test streams in 4K
  • Launch of ESPN360
  • Consecutive record for concurrent streams
  • Launch of WWE Network streaming service – the first full end-to-end client solution.
  • First test streams in 8K
  • Launched HBO NOW
  • Launched Playstation Vue live streaming TV service
  • PGA TOUR LIVE launched as a joint rights deal between BAMTECH and THE PGA TOUR
  • BAMTECH is spun off from MLBAM
  • Entered comprehensive agreement with the National Hockey League to take over out-of-market broadcast rights, NHL app and and operation of the NHL Network
  • Partnered with Fox Sports to enable FoxSportsGo
  • Disney buys a 33% stake in BAMTECH
  • Discovery Communications partners with BAMTECH to launch BAMTECH Europe. BAMTECH assumes operational responsibility for Eurosport Digital’s OTT service
  • Partnered with Riot Games on exclusive rights deal for League of Legends
  • Entered a rights deal with Major League Soccer
  • Established new European HQ in Amsterdam through acquisition of The Capitals
  • Launched MLS LIVE
  • Set up office in Manchester through acquisition of Cake Solutions
  • Supported multi-million simultaneous streams for WWE Wrestlemania 33
  • Scaled the platform further for HBO Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere
  • Launched Hulu with Live TV with over 350 channels at launch
  • Expanded Eurosport Player into 69 territories, 14 languages and 6 currencies
  • The Walt Disney Company acquired majority ownership of BAMTECH